Day Hours Prices
Monday Madness Memorial Day 4PM-9PM 8.00 per hour per person 
Tuesday 3pm-10PM 13.00 for 1 hour per person
16.00 for 2 hours per person

3PM - 5PM Open Bowl
5PM-9PM No Open Bowl
9PM-10PM Open Bowl

13.00 for 1 hour per person
16.00 for 2 hours per person
Thursday  3PM - 10 PM 13.00 for 1 hours per person
16.00 for 2 hours per person

Friday                                                                    12PM-4:30PM                                          2.00 per game
                                                                                                                             (must be paid by 4:30 finished by 5pm)
                                                                               4:00PM-10PM                                40.00 Per Lane Per Hour

Saturday                                                                 11AM-3PM                                   35.00 Per Lane Per Hour
                                                                                3:00PM-10PM                              40.00 Per Lane Per Hour

Sunday                                                                      9AM-12PM                                    20.00 Per Lane for 3 Hours
                                                                                                                                        (lanes turn off at 12:00PM)
                                                                                  11AM- 3PM                           30.00 Per Lane Per Hour
                                                                                    3PM-9PM                            35.00 Per Lane Per House   

*Times & Prices are subject to change. ($5.00 minimum on credit card)
*Games are per person per game
*Hourly bowling is purchased by the lane with a 5 bowler maximum per lane. A 5 minute grace period is given to get to your lanes.
*Shore Lanes reserves the right to close up to 1 hour early if there is no one bowling. Please call ahead if it is late.

*Walk in groups of 2 lanes or more. People must give a credit card to be pre-authorized and will be used to cover any and all costs for cleaning or damages incurred.

*There is no outside food or beverage allowed in the facility.

*Outside alcohol or drug use on property is illegal and patrons will be asked to leave if found in the possession or use of such contraband. 

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